The First 10 days

Tomorrow I will host my first PAD as headteacher. It has perhaps come sooner than I would have liked but does enable me time to pause and reflect on my first few weeks.  I’m still smiling, still watching and still listening. There have been phone calls, emails, meetings, briefings and even the odd walk around school.

The role is varied and diverse, with many layers to be considered to each element. I can see how easy it could be to be spread too thinly. I am currently trying to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible but this can feel overwhelming at times. At times the information flow is slow and steady and almost refreshing, at other times it can be fast flowing and difficult to navigate.

I have met with all teachers, held one parents meeting with another planned later in the week, attended a governors meeting, met with key people from the LA. I have learnt most though from  my time in class. Walking around school. Speaking to children, looking at books, watching the learning that takes place. Each time I enter a classroom the children are still excited to see me, proud to show theirs books and keen to share their learning.

Schools can be complex places, with personalities, structures and systems. It would be easy to focus on these areas, become distracted with the enormous weight given to key areas in school. Most commonly this can be an over focus on data, assessment, health and safety or lunch times. There has certainly been some of my time spent on these areas.

Tomorrow will not be based on these areas. Tomorrow will be core purpose. Teaching and Learning. Thinking about where we have been, where are now but most importantly where we are going and how we will get there.


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