Leaky Pipes

Interviews are always a challenge. What questions will they ask? How should I answer them? What are my strengths and areas to develop? However, I do not recall being asked about perimeter fencing, leaky water pipes and dealing with asbestos.

The wonderful variety of activities we offer in schools and the range of learning opportunities never cease to amaze me. Schools are busy, hardworking and exciting places to work. Even in my first few days the eagerness of the children to learn, the engagement of the teachers to teach and buzz of activity in school is truly heart warming and at times restores all faith in the Education System. What an honour it has been in my first three days to look at a school through fresh eyes, meet with new children and engage with new adults.

I am, according to my reading of ‘The First 90 Days, currently accelerating my learning. I have started to take in vast amounts of information Speaking and listening to parents, pupils and staff. So many names to learn, so many questions asked and so much to take in. I have started to carryout a STARS diagnostic, again from my reading of the book. I have started to identify key areas in school that fit into each element in order to focus my work in the coming weeks.

No day has been the same. My first three days have flown. No day the same. The children are so eager to show me their school, discuss their work and tell me their jokes….What’s wobbly and flies in the sky?…..A jellycopter (year 1)

The striking thing?The number of people who talk proudly of this school and the work they do there. These are not schools. These are magical places at the heart of a community.

So what I have learnt? I have learnt I know nothing about burst water pipes or asbestos, but that somebody else does know about them. I have learnt that meeting and greeting parents before and after school is a quick win. I have learnt some more names. I have learnt how to consume a whole Yorkie bar without taking a breath……Have also learnt to try and take a lunch break.

Have an email now too.



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