Day one

Bananas and smiles!

That was the order of my day. My first day started at 7:45, meeting and greeting a wonder around the building to check everyone had enjoyed their break. After teaching for many years it was certainly strange to not be preparing a class for the day ahead. I therefore empathised with the teachers who conversed with me, despite trying to set up for the day ahead. A meet and greet on the playground was next, as I attempted to meet new parents and get my face noticed. This is certainly something I will need to work on as I smiled, then defaulted to speaking to the people I am most comfortable with. The children. This is something  I will need to work on in the coming weeks. Another case of being aware of my strengths while also working on my development points.

Assembly was bananas. literally. Smiles, energy, growing together and avoiding slipping on them. Very deep for a first assembly. I spent the remainder of the morning meeting as many of the school community as possible.  I am determined to learn the names of the pupils in the school but at the end of day one I am already struggling. Plenty of time yet. Lunch involved more meeting and much more smiling.

I spent the afternoon using key questions from the book ‘The First 90 days’:

  • What are our biggest challenges?
  • Why are we facing them?
  • Where are the unexploited opportunities for development?
  • What would need to happen to develop these in school?
  • and what would be your priorities if you were me?

I plan to use these questions to build a picture from SLT as to where our areas of focus may need to be.

It was then on to looking at network cables, building plans and walls. My conclusion? I have very little to say on network cables and where to put them, let alone walls. However, I consider them reasonably important and therefore will endeavour to find someone this week who knows about network cables, switches and where to put them.

My first day has gone quick. The pace certainly picked up as the day developed and I am sure will develop further tomorrow. I was taken aback at the number of questions that I faced as the day progressed. I want to watch, listen and learn. There is however a want by people for you to act, talk and do. Again this is an area to be mindful of moving forward. Relationships with parents and how we work with the school community is integral. My reading will now take in dealing with hard to reach parents and developing the school community.

After a difficult game of Guess Who with my daughter, which involved more questions. I am now ready for bed.

The learning has only just begun. But the challenge is real. Are they wearing a hat?



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