‘Twas the night before Headship

It is my headship eve. The night before I take up my first Headship post. I feel that this is the second holiday I have spent thinking about this post. At Christmas it was the thought of interview and being prepared for the questions I may be asked. Easter has seen my time spent preparing, reading and visiting the school where as I was appointed, following that New Year interview.

I don’t feel nervous, scared or daunted. I feel relaxed, excited and eager to begin my new challenge. As with everything in life, I feel that I could have done more with the time I had before tomorrow. But I did what I could. Visiting the school, meeting the key staff, reading key documentation and liaising with the chair of governors. I have also done some reading, I say some as I wish I had done more. With two very young children I find reading at home a challenge. However I do feel ready.

I have been somewhat surprised at how my mind has looked for things to focus, things that I ‘think’ I should be doing. I spent a day at my new school in what will be my office. Having always worked in classrooms (or in supermarkets) I was , and still am, unsure as what to do with an office. I spent hours tidying, dusting, moving and generally filling the time. Returning home I then found myself worrying about the position I left the desk and the chairs. Over the 10 years I have taught I have started each new school or new term with my plans, timetable and overview, I have always known where I want to be by the end of that year. This is the first time there is no plan, timetable or overview. Yes I have things that need to be done, things I want to do, people I want to talk to but there is no definitive plan. I find this strangely refreshing despite not having my ‘lesson plans’. I think that this has led to my mind wondering on to less purposeful tasks.

No plan I hear you ask? Well I have an outline, a thought process and a vision. I have been reading ‘The First 90 Days’ by Micheal D. Watkins and must say I have found it particularly useful. I have identified my strengths and areas to develop. I think this is important to ensure I do not retreat to areas that I know I am already strong and therefore miss the areas that may well need developing. I also strongly agree with the fact we were given two eyes, two ears and one mouth to enable us to do twice as much watching and listening as talking. Something I feel integral to my first 90 days.

At the point of writing this my priority is relationships and accelerating my learning. I want to get to know the school community as quickly as possible. I have also started to consider the STARS situation and will apply it in the coming days to the key areas for school development. This way I hope to establish where my focus will be in the first 30 days.

Tomorrow will be my first day of headship. I have coffee, tea, biscuits, a pen and a nice new notebook. I have planned my assembly, put together my introductory staff meeting and written my first parental letter introducing myself.

I am excited, I don’t feel tired but know I must sleep, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring. Just like the night before Christmas.

But just like Christmas, I am ready. I’ve got this.


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